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  2. "The idea of tiny changes cumulated over many steps is an immensely powerful idea, capable of explaining an enormous range of things that would be otherwise inexplicable."
    — Richard Dawkins (via whats-out-there)

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  3. New technique could boost internet speeds tenfold


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    Researchers at Aalborg University, MIT and Caltech have developed a new mathematically-based technique that can boost internet data speeds by up to 10 times, by making the nodes of a network much smarter and more adaptable. The advance also vastly improves the security of data transmissions, and could find its way into 5G mobile networks, satellite communications and the Internet of Things.

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    The truth has nothing to fear from inquiry. Be wary of anyone who would discourage questions.

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    The importance of teamwork. The insects were caught on camera forming a tower to reach the top of a bird cage they were being kept in.

    Source: Escape ants are a tower of strength (Daily Express)


  6. "The fundamental advantage a Bitcoin gateway ecosystem has over PayPal is that it’s open. Any closed network will, by nature, be deprived of structural pressures that force it to improve. A third-party can’t improve a closed network; if they really want to, they first have to try to replicate the network itself from scratch. In contrast, the Bitcoin space is already seeing rapid iteration and compounding improvements."
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    Photo of the Day: All the Way Across the Sky

    Photo by Ian Lumsden (Kingston, Australia); Jerrawangala National Park, Australia


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    Hundreds of years ago people thought the earth was unique, and situated at the center of the universe.

    Today we know there are hundreds of billions of stars in our galaxy - a large percentage of them with planetary systems - and hundreds of billions of galaxies.

    — Stephen Hawking (via whats-out-there)

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    Mediterranean Coast of Nice - France | (by Out-of-Office Adventures)